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Causes of Member Symptom and Irritation

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The Health Benefits Of Hatha Yoga

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Hatha Yoga is one of the oldest forms of yoga, dating back from the early 15th century. In recent years, it has become more and more popular as a great way of improving fitness levels and as a form of treatment for many spine conditions. As Hatha yoga has become more common, several off-shoots of this form of yoga have appeared including Power Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.

The name "Hatha" comes from the ancient Indo-Aryan language and is the combination of 2 words, "ha" meaning sun and "tha" meaning moon. The idea behind Hatha yoga is to combine both opposite ends, uniting them together. Principally, Hatha Yoga main components are postures (Asana) and breathing control (Pranayama). These components, when practiced will allow you to balance the mind and body.

What to Expect from a Hatha Yoga Class 


Every yoga class is a little different, but they all use the same basic philosophical grounding. The average modern yoga class is between 45 and 90 minutes long and starts with a meditative breathing session followed by a physical warm-up. The class gradually grows more demanding, but many offer alternative versions of the poses, or asanas, to allow disabled people or those in poor physical condition to participate. Some variations, such as ashtanga yoga, are quite active, while traditional hatha practice is relatively slow. Another session of meditation finishes the class, allowing participants to "cool down."



Types of Asanas (Poses)

There are several types of yoga poses that incorporate the hatha style of yoga. They can be done easily with practice and patience as hatha yoga is more for beginners. The types of poses, or asanas, are:

• Seated 


• Twists 

• Inversion 

• Balancing 

• Core strengthening 

• Back bending 

• Forward bending 

• Side bending 

• Hip opening 

• Prone yoga poses 

• Supine yoga poses 

• Standing yoga poses


In 2005, it was estimated that there were at least 16,5 million people who practiced Yoga in the United States alone. Hatha Yoga's popularity can be contributed to its benefits to both mind and body. If you have never tried Yoga before, this may be the prefect starting point to begin.


Though Hatha Yoga is safe and beneficial when practiced correctly, if you have health problems you should consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any exercise program.


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Best de Yoga

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Born in India , yoga is a discipline that aims, through physical exercises, meditation and ascetic morality , to unify the body and mind. Relatively new in the West, there has in recent years an unprecedented success , thanks to the plebiscite many stars.
 - Yoga
Its origin and philosophy
Yoga is not new : it was already practiced in India , to the third millennium BC . Yoga also means "union" in Sanskrit ( the ancient literary language of India).
However, it is in the 4th century BC that Patanjali , considered the father of the discipline, wrote the Yoga Sutra text reference discipline. There are other details between the 8 aspects - he compares the branches of a tree - forming yoga :
-Yama , the ability to communicate with non-violence
- Niyama , adherence to self-
- Asana , the practice of postures
Pranayama - control of breathing
- Pratyahara , sensory inner listening
- Dharana , concentration
- Dhyana , meditation
- Samadhi , the release , the final stage of self-realization
The first five aspects form the basis of hatha yoga, a discipline in itself promotes the health and concentration by lifestyle and postures.

The "sport" discipline hatha yoga
The vast majority of yoga mainly concern the physical dimension , that is to say, hatha yoga. In the traditional way , to keep the body in an optimal state of health and discipline the mind it is aimed . It revolves around three main tools:
- Postures . The plow to the boat through the half moon, there are more than 1000 . Static or dynamic ( sequences as the famous sun salutation ), they are still without force , in respect of the body, paying particular attention to body positioning and alignment of the spine .
- The breathing exercises. Inseparable from the practice of postures , they revolve around four main phases of respiration : inspiration, lungs full retention , exhalation and retention lungs empty . During a yoga class , and there are different ways of breathing : focusing on one or the other of these phases , adopting a slow or fast pace , breathing through one nostril , both nostrils , or alternating nostrils , producing or not sound , inspiring or breathing more or less time .
- Relaxation . This phase, which usually concludes the session is accomplished by sitting or lying position. It is accompanied by a slow, deep breath, suggestions, or very soft sounds.

- The first advantage of ( hatha ) yoga is that it is feasible for everyone, men or women, young or old, healthy or not. Devoid of competition , it does not require special skills depends largely on the commitment , concentration and perseverance that makes everyone realize postures and sequences and . Moreover , although it is inscribed at the base in a spiritual practice , it requires absolutely no special philosophical or religious knowledge.
- Then it has many benefits for the body : muscle toning , flexibility, balance, strengthening the abdominal area , reduced fat ...
- It also improves overall health : elimination of toxins, stimulate vital organs (digestive , respiratory, sexual ... ) , improved cardiac function and endurance ...
- Thanks to the concentration and determination it requires , he finally plays an essential role in the mind. Stress and anxiety gradually fade , you feel after a few sessions a deep well -being affects the activities of daily life and relationships with others.

Discipline , teaching
With its success , hatha yoga is constantly evolving . Although the postures and sequences remain unchanged , there are more and more different teachings of yoga that each combine postures, breathing exercises and meditation in a more or less strong or soft , animated and calm. The most common are the ashtanga yoga ( synchronizing breathing with rapid sequences of postures increasingly demanding ) , the integral yoga (balancing postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation) , the viniyoga ( integration of movement with breathing ) , prenatal yoga (suitable for pregnant women) , the bikhram yoga ( practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees ) ...

make inquiries
There is not , strictly speaking French federation yoga, just like a French tennis federation or volleyball . As for the training of teachers , it is still unclear , poorly regulated : it does not exist, for example, state diploma .
The ideal is to take place in a gym , in a municipality or a framed structure , often sort their teachers on the panel.
Moreover, nothing like word-of -mouth and the experience to get an idea before making any entry , the ideal is to learn about yourself and , if possible, a test - even several free - sessions to get an idea .

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